Three Most Popular Sunglasses this Summer

Published: 22nd August 2011
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In recent years, sunglasses are easily affordable for ordinary people, which is not like that several years ago, sunglasses were the symbol of the celebrities. With the fast development of the optical industry, most ordinary people are able to pursue fashionable things like sunglasses as well. However, fashionable things always change year after year. Do you know what kind of sunglasses is popular this summer? If you do not, then follow me and letís have a look together. In the fashion stream of retro styles, we can see a lot of stylish sunglasses have a trace of retro style, so you can keep fashion with a pair of retro style sunglasses. Now, this article will share you several hot retro styles.

The first type is the tortoise-shell sunglasses, which is the hottest and classic style. Most people believe that tortoise-shell sunglasses in modern times must be made from the real tortoise shell. However, that is not the case. Actually, they are made from modern plastic material with the characteristics of natural tortoise shell. Moreover, they are varied in many colors which allow people to match different kind of clothes. Therefore, tortoise-shell sunglasses not only make your clothes look more delicate, but also highlight your eyes.

The second style is the round sunglasses, which come back into fashion in 2011. If you are a person who always pay much attention to fashion shows, you will unexpectedly find that most people wear big round sunglasses (also called John Lennon sunglasses). The most impressive picture in my mind is that Lady Gaga wears a pair of black round sunglasses to match her white coat, which makes her look so different from other celebrities. As us ordinary person, we also can be as fashionable as her, and the only thing we need is to wear round sunglasses and match our clothes very well. Additionally, round sunglasses are not only popular as a fashion adornments, but also a kind of classic one which is worth keeping.

The third type is cat eye sunglasses, which also attract lost of people. Cat eye sunglasses are not as simple as they were before like in 50ís any longer. The currently fashionable cat eye sunglasses combine with other fashion elements and change a little bit, such as the rhinestone or some flower design on the frames. Moreover, cat eye sunglasses can add some feminine temperament to a beautiful lady.

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