Possible visual distortion caused by progressive glasses

Published: 22nd April 2010
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In the world of presbyopia correction, there have been a wide variety of products that have been proven effective in dealing with this age related eye problem. The first form was reading glasses, followed by bifocal reading glasses, trifocal spectacles, bifocal safety specs and progressive glasses. While providing the basic function of offsetting the problem caused by presbyopia, each category of these devices has their respective features. It is also widely known that a newer device probably brings more benefits due to its more advanced design and manufacturing. All these sayings are applicable to progressive reading glasses. While most people recognize those great advantages brought by progressive addition lenses, there are still some commonly reported side effects associated with these lenses. It is equally important to take into account the downside.

One of the commonest problems related to progressive glasses is visual distortion. In detail, the gradient of increasing lens power offered by a progressive lens may create still regions of aberration away from the optic axis. This will lead to poor visual resolution or blurriness. From this analysis, some people may say that it is the same lens design that grants presbyopic patients with the significant benefit of smooth power transition. In other words, image jump and possible consequences like headache and dizziness are in fact removed by the unique progressive lens design. Now, it is also this design that may cause visual distortion. This is not an unreasonable claim, but a proven fact based on some cases reported by users.

Nowadays, most manufacturers of progressive glasses claim an acceptance rate ranging from 90% to 98%. This percentage varies in relation to the lens quality. However, only a real experience can make the true feeling available. Even a tiny discomfort at the side of the users will be intolerable. It is encouraged by clinicians that the best way to avoid adaption problems is to start wearing progressive spectacles from an early stage of presbyopia. This can help the wearers easily adapt to the increases in addition power as the presbyopia advances.

C: Progressive glasses are not perfect, even if they are widely praised for the comfortable power increment or transition. One of the commonest side effects is visual distortion.

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